Privacy and Security in a Quantum World

KyberLib: Secure Post-Quantum Cryptography with Rust

KyberLib: a robust Rust library for CRYSTALS-Kyber post-quantum cryptography, offering strong security guarantees and compatibility with no_std environments.


KyberLib is a robust Rust library designed specifically for CRYSTALS-Kyber Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), offering strong security guarantees. This lightweight and efficient library is compatible with no_std, making it suitable for embedded devices and resource-constrained environments. KyberLib avoids memory allocations, ensuring minimal overhead and optimized performance. Additionally, it contains reference implementations with no unsafe code, adhering to strict security standards. For enhanced performance on x86_64 platforms, KyberLib provides an optimized AVX2 version by default. The library also supports compilation to WebAssembly (WASM) using wasm-bindgen, enabling its deployment in web applications and secure communication protocols.

Key Features

Core Features

Advanced Features


KyberLib provides a comprehensive suite of cryptographic functionalities, including:

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Embrace the future of secure communication with KyberLib, the robust and secure Rust library for CRYSTALS-Kyber post-quantum cryptography.